INDEN Group is well positioned to derive maximum benefit from India’s offset program.

Our engagement areas are:

  • Assembly, Manufacturing, Testing and Delivery through Collaboration/JV and Transfer of Technology
  • Operations support to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) as required
  • Repair/Overhaul and lifetime support
  • Specific Product/Services identification for each OEM with potential for local Consumption/Export.

For Aviation sector

We provide infrastructure for international companies to outsource industrial activities such as assembly, design, indigenisation and life cycle maintenance. In the recent time demand is increasing in following areas:

  • Structure components, assemblies and Systems for many types of airborne vehicles, which include aircraft, helicopter, UAV, etc.
  • PCBs for all aviation applications
  • Software solutions
  • Product and solution testing services
  • MRO Services


Are complementary to the solar projects


Is considered to be a hot topic but increasingly cost competitive. Technology and scale makes the difference.

Energy Storage solutions

This business is split into 2 distinctive technologies. We work with both.