INDEN Group has long history of trading. In the 1990s the group was engaged in trading of Pharmaceuticals, Clothes, Leather garments, shoes and commodities such as nuts, tea coffee, jute etc. Gradually this activity evolved into structured trade finance involving heavy machinery, commodities such as food grain, oil & diesel, coal, fertilizers and coal, fertilizers, etc.

At present the group is geared up to deal with Equipment, machine tools, metals and materials for engineering, automotive, aviation and shipbuilding industry, robotics and software, IT solutions, etc.

We are specializing on processed Steel items such as plates, coils, rods, high grade steel, couplings and bearings that can be used in Ship manufacturing, armour vehicles which require special strengths and alloy mix. In addition, we are focusing on cathodes, accumulators, batteries, electro valves and lubrications in near future.

  • Presently working on Industry use chemicals
  • Gem & Juwellery products from the best sources
  • Identifying agriculural products for sourcing from India