The distinguishing feature of INDEN in processing of MSW projects is to address environmental, social and commercial aspects. As part of this assignment, INDEN undertook a detailed data collection and analysis with its OEM partners, Ethatech & Reclaim, to work out appropriate technology for processing and scientific management of MSW to bio-fuels at the disposal sites.

At present, INDEN with its OEM partner, Ethatech, is setting up 4 projects based on MSW to Bio-Ethanol (99.7% purity), ready to be blended with Diesel for fuel usage, technology in the state of Maharashtra, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Each plant would process up to 500 tonnes / day of solid waste and would generate approximately 40 million liters of ethanol, 20,000 tonnes of fertilizers and 51,000 tonnes of plastics, ferrous & non-ferrous metals etc. every year. These plants are fully funded by the company and require zero investment from Central / State / Local governments.

Technology Output