Who We Are

INDEN Group is focused on business with India and operates in Switzerland, U.K. & U.S.A. It was originally founded in 1990 and over last 20 years it has engaged itself in activities such as Trade, Trade finance, Project Finance, IT, BPO and since 2006 part of the Group has ventured into Investment banking and Asset Management with about 1billion $ assets under management.

INDEN Group acts as a catalyst of growth between global technology providers and the Indian market by engaging in distribution/trade, manufacturing, and providing financing in energy related projects.

Relocation services and Maintenance

After the pandemic (Covid 19) pandemic period everything is disrupted. Non availability of components, expensive raw material and lack of stuff. Everything has made the production cost and delivery schedule unpredictable. Indengroup is bringing solution of smart and dynamic outsourcing to cost effective and more predictable locations.

Parts for Automobiles and Machines

INDEN Group is well positioned to derive maximum benefit from India’s offset program.
Our engagement areas are:

  • Assembly, Manufacturing, Testing and Delivery through Collaboration/JV and Transfer of Technology.
  • Operations support to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) as required Repair/Overhaul and lifetime support.
  • Specific Product/Services identification for each OEM with potential for local Consumption/Export.

News and Events

Path Breaking Initiatives

As part of this assignment, INDEN undertook a detailed data collection and analysis with its OEM partners, Ethatech & ReclaimResources, to work out appropriate technology for processing and scientific management of MSW to bio-fuels at the disposal sites. The technology is clean, green, environment friendly and odour free with no energy requirements which converts solid…

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